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Experienced collaboration.

We represent our clients by utilizing our subject matter expertise to create efficiencies and accountability for various real estate project types, sizes, and complexities.

As your owner's representative, proactively managing the design and construction details keeps your project on schedule and within the established budget. Zanone Project Management staff are seasoned construction professionals who guide clients with knowledgeable insight about the nuances of a new building design and construction, an occupied renovation, a tenant improvement, and site developments.


Zanone Project Management was founded on the principle that the success of our clients is the gauge of our success. With a priority placed on communication combined with proven management processes, your risk is managed by meeting schedule milestones and remaining on budget. 

Management Principles

Lead with Accountable Trust. Trust is the foundation of all high-performing teams. By aligning our goals with yours, we lead accountable, trust-filled teams to complete your mission. 

Communicate with Candor. Open and honest communication creates efficiency and produces superior results. Like-minded team members are selected to reinforce candor. 

Endless Commitment. Projects have challenges; we commit to driving projects forward. 

A Culture of Accountability. All parties are held accountable for fulfilling our deliverables to the client and each other.

Focused on Results. Projects are all about specific results. Our project managers keep everyone involved on task to meet established milestones.

Proven Excellence. With a depth of experienced collaboration, our team has a lengthy list of satisfied clients.

Respect for All. We purposefully build our internal and external teams; everyone has an important roles and is treated with respect.

Community Matters. We support our industry and client communities through active involvement. 

Project Management Services


Architecture & Engineering Team Procurement

Construction Team Procurement


Security & Access Control

IT/Network Infrastructure

Utility Coordination

Lender Requirements  

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